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Computed technology (CT) is a method of body imaging in which a thin x-ray beam rotates around the patient. Small detectors measure the amount of x-rays that make it through the patient or particular area of interest. A computer analyzes the data to construct a cross sectional image.

With Precise 1:1 scaling, Out NewTom VG dental scanner eliminates magnification errors of conventional imaging technology. 3D imaging allows the doctor to identify potentially serious problems, such as nerve positioning for implant dentistry and soft tissue abnormalities.

We use SafeBeam Technology for automatic dose exposure. The SafeBeam technology automatically adjusts the radiation dosage according to the patient's age and size. As a result, the patient is exposed to minimal radiation. They will be exposed to 3.5 seconds and 68 uSv. This is compared to a hospital CT machine which can expose you up 1500-3000 uSv of radiation. It is equivalent to about 1/10 of a chest x-ray. 
Dental implant image
Dental implant image
All images will be provided in DICOM format and will include free viewing software with every scan. Upon first scan a free training session can be scheduled if needed. Radiology/Pathology reports or additional guides are available upon request for an additional fee. 
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